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Story begins when Nature wants Give birth to Naco. All the Companies, Forums and other type of organisations established by a someone special person or team and finally they known as Founders and Co-Founders. Like Apple Inc. by Steve Jobs, Facebook Inc. by Mark Zuckerberg and Google Inc. by Larry Page. But Natural Coders is not established by us. We just to established this organisation. Now need to pause our story of fantasy world and its time to know about Natural Coders...

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We provide SEO Training in Panchkula and also provide SEO Services in Panchkula. If you are interested in SEO training and services please contact us
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Promote and Increase your Bussiness Traffic with Natural Coders and we also provide Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula
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Brand Promotion
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Increase Visibility of your Brand with Natural Coders.

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Create your first dream website with Natural Coders with different technologies and we also provide Web Development Courses in Panchkula
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We create Responsive Web Design and also convert unresponsive site to fully responsive with Natural Coders

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Natural Coders started as Training Center in Dhakoli but we believe that its become a training hub in Tricity

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Natural Coders Training is not focus on just cover up syllabus. We teach you about current and future technologies which will help you make new opportunities.

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Here you will be trained by our professional team members that’s why we are suggested as the best training centre in tricity for digital marketing in Chandigarh and web designing courses.

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For better learning Natural Coders provide live projects based course to our students and that will help to understand in more effective way.

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Natural Coders didn't say we give you 100% Job Placement unless or until you pay your interest and you give your 100% in this Course


What is Google webmaster's tool?

Google Webmaster Tool is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you first understand what’s going on with your website. It is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters.

How to Submit Website to GWT? This can be done by 4 methods:
·         Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration.
·         Add a Meta tag to your site's homepage.
·         Upload an HTML file to your server.
·         Link your Google Analytics account to GWT

Following metrics are used in Google Webmaster Tool:
Search Appearance: Search Appearance uses an example site to illustrate the elements of Google Search results. You can use the pop-up window to visualize how your site may appear in search.

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Structured Data: The Structured Data page in Search Console shows the structured information that Google was able to detect on your site. It also provides information about errors in page markup that may prevent rich snippets (or other search features) from being displayed.
Rich Cards: The rich cards report helps you fix errors in any rich card structured data that Google has found on your site. The report also points out areas where you could provide more information to take fuller advantage of Google's rich card platform.
Data Highlighter: You simply use the Data Highlighter to tag the data fields on your site with a mouse. Then Google can present your data more attractively, uniquely in search results and in other products such as the Google Knowledge Graph.
HTML Improvements: The HTML Improvements page shows potential issues Google had found when crawling and indexing the site. Issues may be in the title, meta description, and non-indexable content.
Accelerated Mobile Pages: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are Web pages designed according to an open source specification. Validate AMP pages are cached in Google's AMP cache, which allows them to be served even more quickly.

Digital Marketing Course In Panchkula

Search Analytics: The Search Analytics Report shows how often your site appears in Google search results. Filter and group data by categories such as search query, date, or device and see how your search traffic changes over time, where it’s coming from, and what search queries are most likely to show your site, Learn which queries are made on smartphones and use this to improve your mobile targeting, See which pages have the highest (and lowest) click-through rate from Google search results.
Links to your Site: The Links to Your Site report lists all the links that Googlebot discovered during its crawling and indexing process, as well as the most common links sources and the pages on your site with the most links. In addition, you can also see the most common anchor text found by Google. You can click each list item to see the more detailed information. If users reach a page on your site as a result of clicking a link with a redirect, that intermediate link will also be listed.
Internal Links: The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the relative importance of that page. If an important page does not appear in this list, or if a less important page has a relatively large number of internal links, you should consider reviewing your internal link structure.
Manual Actions: The Manual Action report lists all the instances where a human reviewer has determined that pages on your site are not compliant with Google's webmaster quality guidelines.
International Targeting: The Language section of the International Targeting page provides a bird's eye view on errors from hreflang links throughout your site. For example, if you manage three international sites and you want to monitor errors for the Spanish site, you'd choose the Spanish version from the site selector (e.g. to see all language variants for that site with return errors.
Mobile Usability: The mobile usability report identifies pages on your site with usability problems for visitors on mobile devices.
Index Status: The Index Status report provides data about the URLs that Google tried to index in the current property for the past year. It shows total indexed URLs in your site which are blocked by robots.txt and those URLs removed.
Blocked Resources Report: The Blocked Resources Report aims to give webmasters more insight into which images, CSS, JavaScript and other resources are currently being blocked by Google. The report shows you initially, which hosts are being blocked. Then by clicking on the rows, it will give you the list of blocked resources within that host.
Clicking further will show you the specific pages that embed those blocked resources, ultimately taking you through “the steps to diagnose and resolve
Remove URLs: The Remove URLs tool enables you to temporarily block pages in your Search Console property from Google Search results.
Crawl Errors: The Crawl Errors report provides details about the site URLs that Google could not successfully crawl or that returned an HTTP error code.

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Crawl Stats: The Crawl Stats report (for websites only) provides information on Googlebot's activity on your site for the last 90 days. These stats take into account all content types that we download (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PDF files, and images).
Fetch as Google: You can use ‘Fetch as Google’ to see whether Googlebot can access a page on your site, how it renders the page, and whether any page resources (such as images or scripts) are blocked to Googlebot.
Robots.txt Tester: The robots.txt Tester tool shows you whether your robots.txt file blocks Google web crawlers from specific URLs on your site.

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URL Parameters: You can use the URL Parameters tool to indicate the purpose of the parameters you use on your site to Google. For example, if you are the owner of a global shopping site, you might tell Google that you use the country parameter to distinguish between pages dedicated to consumers in different countries.

Natural Coders Provides Best Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula at best prices.

Top 5 Ranking Signals: What REALLY Matters in 2018?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the very important part of Digital marketing and it is very helpful to make a website All Search Engine or SEO friendly so that our website will rank high in Search Engine. If someone thinks and try to rank a website in search engine results pages then they need to do SEO in the websites. All Digital Marketing Experts or Famous Blogger use SEO to rank their website in search engine results. White hat SEO is divided into two parts:-

               1.      On Page
               2.      OFF Page

In above mention, all are the White Hat SEO parts and you need to use all these factors and techniques of white hat SEO in your website to boost your website ranking in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc… Google is the most used as a search engine in a worldwide. On Page and OFF Page White hat SEO techniques both are very important to rank a website in a search engine. Local SEO is used for Google my business map and its used for improving a map rank in local results and improve your local business and increase local presence and online Customers.

Best SEO Ranking Signal Factors in 2018 –

On 2 August 2018, Google updates a new algorithm:- Goole Broad Core. In google Broad core updates mention 18% weightage for https so, Https is a big and important SEO factor in 2018 SEO and it improves website Security. The main website used HTTP web address but https is now important and compulsory for all websites. In https “S” Stands for Security.

2.) Mobile Optimization and User Experience

Mobile users are increasing day by day and we need to optimize a website for mobile users. Already google launch a Mobile update. In this Mobile Update, Google says mobile responsive is necessary for all websites. In 2018, 90% of users have used smartphones for personal work and Official Work like a Book movie ticket and Shopping and send an email etc. So, we need to focus on Mobile responsive.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

3.)Add Keyword in Meta Title & Description

In my previous post, I wrote about keywords importance in an SEO and Digital Marketing. When you think to start an SEO for your website first you need to find the right keywords and relevant keywords for your business. After finding the best and relevant keywords for your business then add this keyword in meta Title and meta descriptions so that Google knows about your website and give you better rank in Google Search Engine Results Pages.

4.) Internal Linking in Website
Internal linking in the website is also the factor of increase a website traffic.  Add your Business services pages link in your all website internal pages like Home page, contact us, and other internal pages. It helps to increase a website traffic and improve a website ranking in a search engine. So, also focus on good internal linking in your website and connect all pages with each other.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

5.) Backlinks

More backlinks mean better rank in Google because backlinks used to increase website ranking in search results. You need to create more high authority backlinks to improve website rank in results.

Importance of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing and SEO

Today we are here to get basic idea of importance of keyword research. There are many different types of strategy use in digital marketing. But keyword research is the first step to rank you business in search engine. Lets start our journey to understand the importance of keyword research and Natural Coders also provide Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula.

There are many of companies who start their online business but they only focus on their brand name. It is the one of the biggest mistake of these company.
Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula - Natural Coders

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

I am owner of Natural Coder – Code Never Lies but If I only focus on Natural Coders to rank in search engine. Then how can I get any student for Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula. If I am owner of Apple Inc., then I do not worried about keyword research but its seems like a beautiful dream.

Thats why when we start our online business, we need to do research on keywords related to our business and use these keywords smartly in our article because we need to bring that keyword rank in leading search engines.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

We need to bring Natural Coders up in search engine and when we do keyword research then digital marketing experts of natural coders suggest us some important keyword. One of the our main keyword is Best Digital Marketing Institute in Panchkula. And Now we mainly focus on this keyword to bring our site in top in leading search engine.

But keyword research is not simple as that. Our digital marketing experts always keep eye on our competitors and analysis their different keyword technique and also understand how they use keywords in site.

If our digital marketing and SEO experts do not do this, then Natural Coders not be able to compete our competitor and if our Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula keyword not rank in top 10 results in google after searching our keyword, then how can we get business. That’s why we need to make different strategy on keyword research and how to use in our site.

May be your next question is what is the need to do keyword research and why do not choose any keyword according to me.

Again came inside Ship of Curiosity. A ship where you find all your answers. Do not fight for window seat and also not make any excuse like vomitting and any other thing for window seat because you just need to imagine and all the things with you. Lets move towards our destination of this article.

We need to get information about user, where he/she take interest. What he/she search and how she/he compare things and many more things.

You need to buy a mobile but how can you search, you did not say that I need this mobile of that brand, if you are not a big fan of specific brand because you need specific requirements in your new mobile. Like may be you search, Best Smartphones under 1000 Rs. and then you compare mobiles in hundred of sites even after visiting best mobile comparision site but human always curios and we need more. It is in our natural behaviour, that’s why today we also want to live in Mars.

May be you understand now. No one directly type your brand name in search engine. It is other thing that your brand name is famous all over the world then you no need to do more work on keyword research and all other things but if you want to grow your business, then you must need to do keyword research. And again I said to you Natual Coders provide Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula and we hope Best Digital Marketing Institute in Panchkula.

And one more important thing that we also hire the projects of digital marketing, SEO, responsive web development and designing in PHP and AngularJS.

If you looking for Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula then please get in touch with Natural Coders - Code Never Lies and if you have any query related this article and want any new article in our site, please mention in comments.

One more and most important quote by Natural Coders,
We do not want a Nation with so many different laws and rules for Women Safety. We want a Nation where there is no need of any law for Women Safety

3 Easy Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

Some people easily said that seo is easy process and rank a webpage in SERP a easy task but actually it is look like dream which far from reality, Because Many Seo Expert or professionals agree with my point that sometimes you are doing very well every off page task for your website and choose a best keyword for your website but sometimes is not sufficient to rank a webpage for a particular keyword in a serp.

Latest google algorithm has not any boundation how to you optimised a website and how much build a high quality backlinks for a website. Google focus on your website content relevancy and user experience of your website and also google consider the how much time user spend in your website. These are some small and important factors that give a good results to your website for ranking manner in a serp. So, we talk about these ranking factors and you choose best with them.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

1. User Interface

Your webite needs user interface should be user friendly contents and data and must be user beneficial. If your user interface is not good between the your website then I sure, you will get high pogo stick rate or bounce rate. This is not good for your website for rank a website in top in a search engine results. I am 100% sure all sites are user friendly and have low pogo stick and bounce rate and give a best useful and beneficial information to a user. User interface is decided a user is satisfy or not after a visiting your website.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula Natural Coders
2. Website Speed

Your website loading time is other factor for improve SEO Ranking of your site. If loading time of your website is more than average then its reduced a user experience and then it is a obvious thing that rank your website in top in search engine is not a easy task now for you. Many visitors leave your website when loading time of website more than average and this factor consider by the top search engine google and Bing. And you run your business not any official government site, then why user wait for heavy site because there are already thousand of competitors who wants to compete your business. Don't take tension about your fall a website ranking reason a website loading time .In that case, firstly you optimise a website.check all the factor of website loading time like images sizes, codes and cache of a website. If your website create in WordPress CMS firstly you install wpsmush plugins for optimise a website images and or other worldwide famous plugins for cache and images to your website.
A fully optimized a website for a faster website load time and best user experience.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

3.quality and User Friendly Content
you know about user friendly content, you are wrote a content more than 2000 words it does not matter for a website content.matter content quality and user friendly content. Your good websit content have a good information to give a user answer and user understand easily or easily catch it. When a your website provide a best, quality and informative content to uer. So, user spend a much more time in your website and its help for get higher and top rankings in a search engine are considers these factors then i recommended use a quality content not a quantity content for your website for gettting a best results in search engine results.

I know there are many factors that affect your website rankings so you make 100% ensure you not forget any seo factor and not be a single error present in your website.for high ranking please some patience and do best and always use white hat techniques.

Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula

What is AngularJS Google technology MVC framework and whats its future scope?

There is no need to introduce with Google because we already know that. But we need to understand about AngularJS. What is its? Why you need to learn and what is the scope of angularJS in future?

Lets start our journey to get our answers.

Our first question is What is angularJS and your answer is, AngularJS is front-end technology which works on MVC and powered by Google. May be you confuse with “What is MVC”. MVC stands for Model View Controller and now you need to understand first these three terms,

Model ==> Backened where your all data store like DataBase.
View ==> Front View, what you are going to see in your device like this article or post is View
Controller ==> Where your all logic will be written and also binds data between Model and View.

Learn above three terms from Example.

You need to sign up for Gmail Account and Now you are in Create Account Page. What is see in your device screen now. Absolutely, fields like First Name, Last Name, DOB and many other fields with terms and condition checkbox with Create Account of Sign up Button. When you fill all fields and click on sign up button, but you enter invalid G-Mail format then you get error while sign up.

Now you need to understand, how this is done. When you clock on sign up button, then its go to controller and there is must be a function in controller, thats checks gmail format is correct or not, password and confirm password fields value is same or not and many other things and all these things written in controller. If all conditions satisfied according to your controller function, then its submit all the value in model that is DB or Server and finally you are a register Gmail user.

Do not need to go in deep just need to understand MVC. When you develop your single page application in angularJS then you automatically understand about MVC. Now you need to take just overview of MVC.

Now you think What is SPA or Single Page Application. Then this is other other topic but Natural Coders give you overview about SPA in this article. SPA first load complete app in your device and when you make a request for a specific page or functionality and then its look for that functionality in controller and simply its changes only specific part of view, which its required. Its not changes the view of complete application.

Now, understand with the help of example. Please come inside ship of curiosity and tie your seat belt also, security and safety is first priority of Natural Coders.

You are logged into your Gmail Account and you need to send an email to someone. When you click on Compose Mail, then small popup box appear in right bottom corner instead of change the complete view of whole gmail and that is the basic concept of SPA.

And AngularJS is also SEO friendly framework and I hope you knew about Digital Marketing and SEO. If you don’t, then please visit Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula Page.

And move to our final question, What is the scope of angularJS.

AngularJS is google technology and we all knew the power of google. May be you understand how long AngularJS is existance of its in the field of technology. When angularJS newly launched then people said, “One Framework Rule All” but now its partially true.

Most important concept of angularJS is two way Binding and its also other topic and Natual Coders tell you about this topic in other article, whose Name shall be, “What is two wasy binding and why its play very important role in AngularJS”.

And Do not forget that Natural Coders provide Digital Marketing Course in Panchkula and AngularJS training in Panchkula. And We also hire the projects also. If you are interested then please get in touch with Natural Coders.

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