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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What is AngularJS Google technology MVC framework and whats its future scope?

  • January 30, 2018
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There is no need to introduce with Google because we already know that. But we need to understand about AngularJS. What is its? Why you need to learn and what is the scope of angularJS in future?

Lets start our journey to get our answers.

Our first question is What is angularJS and your answer is, AngularJS is front-end technology which works on MVC and powered by Google. May be you confuse with “What is MVC”. MVC stands for Model View Controller and now you need to understand first these three terms,

Model ==> Backened where your all data store like DataBase.
View ==> Front View, what you are going to see in your device like this article or post is View
Controller ==> Where your all logic will be written and also binds data between Model and View.

Learn above three terms from Example.

You need to sign up for Gmail Account and Now you are in Create Account Page. What is see in your device screen now. Absolutely, fields like First Name, Last Name, DOB and many other fields with terms and condition checkbox with Create Account of Sign up Button. When you fill all fields and click on sign up button, but you enter invalid G-Mail format then you get error while sign up.

Now you need to understand, how this is done. When you clock on sign up button, then its go to controller and there is must be a function in controller, thats checks gmail format is correct or not, password and confirm password fields value is same or not and many other things and all these things written in controller. If all conditions satisfied according to your controller function, then its submit all the value in model that is DB or Server and finally you are a register Gmail user.

Do not need to go in deep just need to understand MVC. When you develop your single page application in angularJS then you automatically understand about MVC. Now you need to take just overview of MVC.

Now you think What is SPA or Single Page Application. Then this is other other topic but Natural Coders give you overview about SPA in this article. SPA first load complete app in your device and when you make a request for a specific page or functionality and then its look for that functionality in controller and simply its changes only specific part of view, which its required. Its not changes the view of complete application.

Now, understand with the help of example. Please come inside ship of curiosity and tie your seat belt also, security and safety is first priority of Natural Coders.

You are logged into your Gmail Account and you need to send an email to someone. When you click on Compose Mail, then small popup box appear in right bottom corner instead of change the complete view of whole gmail and that is the basic concept of SPA.

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And move to our final question, What is the scope of angularJS.

AngularJS is google technology and we all knew the power of google. May be you understand how long AngularJS is existance of its in the field of technology. When angularJS newly launched then people said, “One Framework Rule All” but now its partially true.

Most important concept of angularJS is two way Binding and its also other topic and Natual Coders tell you about this topic in other article, whose Name shall be, “What is two wasy binding and why its play very important role in AngularJS”.

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Question is Everything and Everything is Created from Curiosity. Please ask Questions because Without Question, Answer is Nothing. And Its same as like Radio Waves without James Clerk Maxwell


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